United Domestic BusinessFirst 787-900 (LAX-IAH)

Perhaps one day we’ll wake up to a world where wide body jet rule the skies across American airspace on domestic segments. And by mentioning widebody jet I’m definitely not alluding to any salacious tinged lyrics mentioned in a Big Sean rap hit circa 2014.

Though Big Sean might consider the hook to his much anticipated follow up to exclaim ‘twin aisle twin aisle’ ad infinitum. Hmm but perhaps it just doesn’t have as good of a ring to it as the original.

I had the pleasure of flying this aircraft on Wednesday (August 19) continuing onto Atlanta (on a 737-900) and was able to snag the entire LAX-ATL BusinessFirst fare for $335 (9.26 yield on 3103 PQM). While I don’t entirely recommend the practice of ‘skip-lagging’, it’s usually cheaper to book a flight to a city that connects through IAH than to book one going to IAH directly even if Houston is your final destination. Keep in mind that checking in a bag will be a hassle and you may not end up accruing any mileage if United deems you’ve indeed ‘skip-lagged’.

Breakdown of jets falling into the wide-body category:

Boeing: 747, 767, 777, 787

Airbus: A330, 340, 350, 380

For the US domestic market the wide body jets are currently being flown for the following segments:


DFW-LAX-DFW: 767-300

MIA-DFW-MIA: 767-300, 777-200

DFW-ORD-DFW: 787-800 [TEMPORARILY], 767-300

LAX-MIA-LAX: 777-200

PHL-MIA-PHL: 767-300




Hawaiian Airlines

Many HNL bound flights from multiple mainland hub cities use the A330


IAH-LAX-IAH: 787-900

IAH-DEN-IAH: 787-900

IAH-SFO-IAH: 787-900 (formerly 767-300)

DEN-MIA: 787-800

Many HNL bound flights from multiple mainland hub cities use the 777-200

US Airways


Other than the Englishman who kept on yapping away on his phone to his (alleged) business partner, the flight was a true joy. Service was excellent though I get the feeling that United’s flight attendants don’t have to try that hard on this segment because it’s not an international business class. Admittedly, it’s a three hours flight so how much do they really need to pander to passenger obtuse requests? I don’t blame them for their well cultivated stoicism when faced with a myriad of superfluous complaints and flat-out degrading remarks about the airline. How many times have I heard “I’ll never fly XYZ airlines again” only to watch those same passengers return again and again?

There’s something to be said about how wide-body aircraft can navigate challenging weather (severe rain in Houston) without reducing passengers to tears inducing them clutch anything they can get their hands on.

Length: 78″

Width: 22″

Full lie flat bed (I’d say it’s a few degrees shy of the 180)

Large and decent resolution displays

Room to stretch out (but that’s pretty easy given I’m 5’8″)

A/C and USB power are located to the side of the headrest

Supplied headphones (definitely not noise canceling!)

Groovy lighting scheme

Premium cabin lavatory toiletries

2-2-2 configuration

Asian Beef Salad with Cream of Mushroom Soup (Grade: B+)

Parked at IAH (preparing to fly to Rio De Janeiro)

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